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And if you want to learn to play guitar gawslidew, too, shall do in Mountain. This music will help you master the craft in creative association “Gorny Crystal”. In addition to guitar accompaniment section, there are literary and music lounge, the club of classical music, rock club, sections of journalism and photography – choose on taste! There are at university and their media: newspaper “Miner” (for those who are older and more serious) and “RAISINS” (absolutely student project), they keep abreast of the news and was happy to take in the creative editorial environment for new talent. In 2007, he began broadcasting its own TV channel student. The Internet has also resigned miners: We have an official Web site, including a large-scale student section, where each student can place your own page. By the way, there is Fair graduates working, to which you will certainly become, if, of course, will choose for ourselves our way.