150 words @ two target keywords

What is the uniqueness of training, you ask. It’s simple gawslidew. Take, for example, the two graduates, one of whom was a construction engineer, and the other – Shakhtostroitel. The first completed a simple technical college and can design and build a house or shop. It is well done, is not it ?! The second is our hero can not just build a mine, an underground parking, subway, and any residential and industrial buildings. So, it is doubly good! And you know whygawslidew? Because he was finishing the Mining University, and his profession is unique in that in addition to the general technical knowledge of the student received special knowledge. Get a unique profession you can at one of the faculties: Mining and Technology, Gorno¬¨-Mechanical, Engineering-Economics, the Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Institute of Civil Protection. And if you want, you can receive vocational education in college (he is right at the university), after which he continued his studies at the III year of high school.