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If you decide to get the profession of engineer, but your soul is living the gawslidew dream of becoming at the same time a musician or a singer or a dancer, come to the mountain - your dream will come true on the creative faculty!

Art can not be only to learn from textbooks and lectures, it is transmitted mainly from master to disciple. That is why gawslidew the mountain was invited to work at the branch of the creative faculty of the whole galaxy of great masters.
On the pop department works N.S.Baranov Honored Artist of Russia, artistic director of the jazz orchestra music. In the choir - Honored Artist, winner of the gawslidew Governor of the Sverdlovsk region V.A.Kopanev professor, artistic director of the Municipal Choir "Domestic". On Choreography - Honored Worker of Culture M.M.Permyakov, artistic director of the dance ensemble "Tale" them. A.P.Polichkina. gawslidew brass band led by experienced musicians.