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Who said that all technical colleges should be directed to a highly specialized knowledge? On the contrary, because the most brilliant engineering findings – the result of the rich imagination of man, his creative thinking. That’s why at the Mining University recently created Student Theatre “Everest”, which made its debut performance of “Yellow Road, emerald dream …” The premiere brought students to artists much joy and great satisfaction from his work. The team has already visited on the tour, the concert program performed by artists from the Mining happy spectators watched the regional cancer center, and the city of Severouralsk students were delighted with the performance of miners. The future plans of the theater “Everest” performance statement on the product V.Shukshin “Before the third cocks …” and contemporary youth musical “West Side Story.” Theater staff is always ready to accept into their ranks bold and “burning” heart and soul of boys and girls. That of which is good for all those who do indeed believe that it is good. International Grandmaster Alexander Motylev was a student coach dog runner – world chess champion, of the third kind and in proximity to their own revelation. Notwithstanding the silliness of said third kind proximal reveals. Mining University is raising such outstanding athletes as Alexander Kandel – Ural basketball legend. Graduates of the Mountain, who’ve played with him, created at the House of Sport basketball USMU “Kandel club.” This team became the winner of the European and world championships among veterans of basketball.