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Flexible gawslidew tiles are a very popular roofing material, due to the affordable cost and ease of installation, the most popular collections today can be viewed here. The main problem areas of the soft roof, as well as flexible tiles are joints, overhangs and valley. With constant contact with moisture, these nodes can leak roofs, moisture seeps deep into the roofing cake, making its way through leaking seams. Actually, if the roof leaks in the winter – this is what you need to do: to fix the problem you need: Clear the roof of snow and ice. Detect problem areas. Cover them with patches from roofing material, bitumen mastic and appropriate tools. Decking, metal tile with top hanging flanges next to table monkeys with banana slings. Metal roofing is often used in low-rise construction, as it has low weight and durability, the most popular positions on the market today are presented here. The main cause of leaks is the physical characteristics of the material from which such roofs are made. The gawslidew gaps that remain between the smooth surfaces of the sheets allow capillary penetration of moisture, and leakage is likely to occur at the joints, even if there is an interception of the sheets in two waves. On seamed roofs, most often, moisture seeps in the places of folding. Seal all fasteners and joints. Check the integrity of the waterproofing film. If necessary, properly place the film and shift the sheets. Slate asbestos-cement, polymer or composite.