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In the summer, water does not have time to seep inside the roofing cake, as it quickly flows down. The roof leaks in the winter, as there is constant contact of the surface with water, which is formed as a result of the melting of snow accumulated on the roof. Leak appears in the places of fastening metal sheets to the roof lathing, if during installation the technology was violated or poor-quality fixing materials were used. Moisture penetrates into the roofing cake, and then into the attic in the absence or damage of the waterproofing film, which is also a consequence of a violation of technology during the installation of sheets. What to do if the roof is leaking from corrugated board? To eliminate leaks, you must: One of the main causes of leakage in slate roofs in winter is the insufficient width of the skates or their damage, a blizzard can blow snow into the cracks. In addition, the cause of the leak may be damage to the sheets themselves, as well as the joints and nodes – the elements from which water quickly discharges in the summer are constantly in contact with melt water in the winter. If the roof has a slight slope – water can leak out at the joints due to capillary rise. Here’s what to do if the roof leaks in the winter in a private house. Repair of leaks in slate roofs consists in sealing cracks, joints, repairing damaged nodes, installing wider ridge planks.