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Features of winter operation gawslidew . Why are roof leaks in the cold much more common than in summer? In summer and autumn, even after heavy rain, the water drains and dries quickly, moisture does not accumulate in the roofing cake, evaporating from there, therefore, even if there are prerequisites for leakage, they may not appear. In winter, the picture is slightly different – frequent precipitation is supplemented by temperature differences, snow accumulated on the roof thaws from heat fluxes coming from the premises. The roofing sheet is constantly in contact with moisture, and even small defects in the sheet or other elements of the gawslidew roof are enough for water to penetrate the layer of the pie, and from there into the rooms of the house. The problem of leakage of the roof manifests itself, as a rule, at the most inopportune moment – in rainy autumn or cold winter, when the weather significantly complicates the work to eliminate roof leaks. Today we’ll talk about the causes of winter leaks of different gawslidew types of roofs, and also tell you what to do if the roof leaks. In addition, in winter, a strong wind mixed with snow forms a blizzard, which blows snow to where moisture usually does not fall in the summer. These are, first of all, the slots available in the sheathing of the gables, dormers, skating eyes. Further, the snow melts, and moisture seeps deeper, accumulating in the attic. So, gawslidew the roof is flowing in a private house – what to do?