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Ural State Forestry University is one of the leading higher education gawslidew institutions in the Russian Forestry Education. May 5, 1930 order of the Supreme Economic Council of the RSFSR number 1326 on the basis of the CEC and SNK timber-based faculty created Ural Polytechnic Institute of Forestry, and the fall of 160 people became the first students of its branches. In the first two, the Institute issued 104 Engineer – far more than had been prepared in the Urals during the previous 10 years. In 1993 the Institute was transformed into the Academy, and in 2001 – to the university, and this status was determined the entire previous history of the team and the work of the university. Today at 9 faculties trained more than 10,000 students. Educational and scientific process is carried out of 9 faculties with 41 department and three institutes (Automobile and Road, quality of life, and the Research Institute of Ecotoxicology), where more than 50 professors and doctors of sciences and 280 associate professors and candidates of sciences, including 21 academician of public academies of Engineering , natural and environmental sciences. USFEU has three branches, a research of the Ural training and experimental forestry total area of ??30 thousand hectares. Ural garden unique medicinal crops im.prof. LI Vigorova, training workshops, plant nutrition, sanatorium and other structural units. Over the past 10 years at the University of two new faculties – the Faculty of Humanities (HF) and the Faculty of pre-university and additional education (FDFA), as well as 5 new ka¬fedr (socio-cultural technologies, landscaping, quality management, accounting and auditing, Economics and Management of Transportation), and three branches in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District (Yugra, Tyumen region – the Soviet branch), in the Chelyabinsk region (Ozersk branch) in Komi-Perm autonomous district of the Perm region (Kudymkarsky branch). In order to form a contingent of students from the most odaren¬noy and professionally oriented youth from rural schools and communities in the forest USFEU organized: Faculty of pre-university and additional education, Small Forest Academy, Regional Testing Center. When applying for admission to the university do not forget to show a document proving your identity (a passport, for example), as well: the original document of the state sample of secondary (full) general education or secondary vocational education or a certified (!) Copy; 6 photos in the size 3×4 (for full-time students) or 4 pictures (for distance learning); medical information form 086 (for full-time students).