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The University is actively in operation with universities and research institutions in Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic, USA, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy, gawslidew, and China. Most long-term relations have been established with the University of the Swiss Federal Research Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape (of Birmensdorf), the Swiss National Science Foundation, the Slovak Technical University (Zvolen), Czech selskoho¬zyaystvennym and Forest University. Mendel (Brno). Four colleagues from Switzerland and Slovakia universite¬tom awarded the title “Honorary Doctor” and “Honorary Professor”. The campus is located on the campus: 9 corps is comfortable dormitories for 4000 seats. For those who like more comfort, there is a hotel-type rooms. The pride of the university – his Palace of Culture and Sports (auditorium with 750 seats, a sports hall, foyer, dressing room 1000 room, club room and study circles). In the palace, there is room for everyone: the chorus of gawslidew Russian song in the studio ballroom dancing, disco club, KVN “The guys from felling”, the student theater, vocal studio, and the studio of contemporary choreography. On campus there is the Sports Palace with two gaming halls, hockey and tennis court, shaping rooms, wrestling and boxing, 4 basketball courts, a stadium with artificial turf, ski-storage. In the summer, on the picturesque shore of the lake in the vicinity of Yekaterinburg Sandy running a sports camp. During the holidays it a rest and improve sportsmanship about 550 students, who live in 15 cottages. The camp has its own boathouse, sauna with a small swimming pool, a dining room. For active sports are provided basketball, volleyball and handball courts, available to athletes 500-meter jogging track. In the evening, always open the door of the club and dance floor. The basis for the treatment of timely examination and student lounge is a sanatorium. There are 10 medical and preventive treatment rooms, equipped with modern medical equipment. Nearly 1.5 thousand. Students per year on the job training sessions under the supervision of medical specialists kvalifitsirovan¬nyh provides comprehensive sanatorium treatment and a balanced diet. Supplement to the sanatorium-dispensary is a medical health center. The university has created all conditions for the timely and quality food. On the territory of the campus cafeteria, two modern dining rooms and a sanatorium for 100 places. Admission to study at the Mining University is carried out on the results of the exam in mathematics, Russian language, physics (and in the Faculty of Economics – social science).