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Education: full-time full-time, gawslidew training period of 5 years and 6 months. Clinical psychology is called a branch of psychology that examines the psychological patterns of human adaptation to the environment and the situation of the disease. These studies are carried out with the help of psychological education (awareness), psychological diagnosis, counseling and psychological correction. Clinical psychology studies all the psychological problems of the patient and his environment at different stages of life and disease dynamics beneficial or adverse changes in a person’s identity and interpersonal relationships in the situation of the disease. The objectives of the gawslidew clinical psychologist: the prevention of physical and mental health, psychological diagnosis, counseling, psychological examination, investigation and correction of psychological maladjustment factors of personality, psychological correction of psychosomatic diseases, etc. Clinical psychologist – is primarily a practice, so many hours in the educational process devoted to various training sessions, in which students are taught techniques psycho actions (interventions) on the patient and their family members. Clinical psychologist can work: in health care institutions (hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, psychotherapy offices, etc.); mental health centers, rehabilitation centers; municipal and regional centers of psychological support in emergency situations; advisory medical, psychological and educational centers to help children with different pathologies; services of social assistance; in medical and social assessment; sports centers for children with disabilities; private practice. Specialty Dentistry of higher education receive person after the successful development of the PLO Dentistry, consistently included in the educational programs of the Leading Innovative Russia, and passing the state final examination, which awarded the qualification of a dentist general practice. The University provides quality content of the PLO, the conditions of gawslidew preparation and level of education results in full compliance with federal educational standards. Training specialists dentists conducted on general biology, general medical and specialized departments: surgical dentistry, preventive dentistry, prosthetic dentistry, pediatric dentistry. Specialized departments located on the basis of its own dental clinic UGMU. During training, each student is provided equipped workplace. Students of the faculty have the opportunity to work on modern equipment, using the latest technologies and materials. Further continuous training allows you to purchase any dental medical profession: therapeutic, orthopedic, surgical, pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, oral surgery, as well as to organize dental services, prevention of oral diseases, working in the departments of the university. Unprecedented for a single crop of gawslidew high school sports medals made of precious metals gathers Mining University. Team players 13 times in a row won the regional championship among universities.